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Video Smoke Detection

SmokeCatcher from video analytics specialist Araani is a patented reliable early warning system for smoke detection in critical indoor environments. By adding Araani's proven & tested video analytics to your visual security camera, SmokeCatcher offers superfast smoke detection in places where traditional smoke detection systems fail due to slow detection or too many false alarms.

Video Smoke Detection sees it first

SmokeCatcher does not need to make physical contact with the smoke. The system can actually see starting smoke fumes from large distances. This saves many valuable seconds, which can be used to take action before a major accident happens.

What's included with SmokeCatcher?

Smart software

A software license is the core of your SmokeCatcher solution. The carefully developed algorithm scans the environment continuously and analyzes it in real-time to exactly locate the incident.

A high-performance camera

The Araani software license is completed with hardware components from our technical partners. SmokeCatcher comes as a high-performance Axis camera, with Araani software fully pre-installed.

Seamless integration

We make sure that SmokeCatcher is fully integrated and connected with your existing devices and systems, including LAN, VMS or Fire Alarm Control Panel. Our partners are your guarantee for a smooth surveillance experience.

Rock-solid certification

SmokeCatcher® is a state of the art solution, ahead of legislation. Therefore, Araani has developed, together with our partners a Certification Protocol to bridge the gap between technology and legislation.

Fanatical Support

We make your problem our problem. If you should need any support, then you can rest assured it gets handled as soon as possible. You can rely on our integrators who are highly skilled and trained in Araani products, as our first line of support. For further support, our Araani experts are always at the ready to help you out

Everything you need for fire safety

Even a small fire can have big consequences, both in high-impact (e.g. hangars) and high-risk environments (e.g. chemical plants). Traditional smoke detectors might only get activated when the damage is already done.

SmokeCatcher operates flawlessly in environments where chemicals, dust or vapour are present every day. Unlike traditional smoke detection systems, SmokeCatcher does not generate false alarms because of these phenomena

SmokeCatcher is ideal for use in tall buildings or large indoor spaces. In these environments, smoke might never reach your traditional smoke detector, because of a process called stratification, which stops the upward movement of smoke.

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